Patio doors can be used when space inside or outside the home is restricted and can give a perfect, uninterrupted view of the garden outside. With such a large expanse of glass, a patio door creates a delightful airiness and lightness to your room, and can add a significant feeling of space. Simply slide open to enjoy the garden and let the sunshine in.
Patio doors are a space efficient alternative to French doors, with clean lines and wide views – a perfect balance between practical application and contemporary styling.
Our uPVC patio doors add to the warmth, security and overall comfort of your home and keep noise and draughts out


* Extremely smooth sliding doors, moving at the slightest touch
* Sliding pane can be installed to either the outer or inner sliding track
* High security
* Integral fanlight option
* Aluminium threshold option
* Range of colours available
* Integral midrail for letterbox available