Perfect for the home & commercial settings

We can now offer our customers the best of both worlds with a multi-pane patio door set that slides and swings. New Wave Doors are sleeker than a French door and easier to install and operate than a bifold door. 

New Wave Door panes can slide open one at a time to create as little or as much space as desired, stacking at one end or the other for a fully opened wall. When closed, these panels interlock, with top-to-bottom concealed locking, to create a wall as robust and secure as any other in a home.

The New Wave Door is available in Aluminium & uPCV

Make more of your living space inside and out
The Slide & Swing Door is a new-generation multi-pane door that enables homeowners to maximise their living space. This new door transforms ordinary rooms, opening up spaces between rooms or between the home and the conservatory or garden in a way no other ‘patio’ door can do. We have a few videos below you could watch on the New Wave Doors.

Ali New Wave Door

Contemporary looks with no unsightly hinges or handles

Upvc New Wave Door

First class thermal efficiency made possible by our unique design