Save Energy

Using Trimco windows can not only improve the overall look of a property but also helps to save energy. Heat loss through buildings can be reduced by fitting new, more energy efficient windows.

With the rising cost of fuel, not to mention reducing your carbon footprint, the issue of energy efficiency is an important factor to consider when improving property. Trimco windows can have very good thermal insulation properties which can significantly reduce heating bills. By retaining heat for longer within the property, heating times can be cut and this, in turn, will result in reduced carbon emissions from burning less fuel.

Energy efficiency is not only a personal choice but also forms an integral part of the Building Regulations. Commitments by the government to drastically reduce carbon emissions over the next 5 to 10 years has resulted in a requirement for many more energy efficient products within the construction industry. Windows and Doors in particular, have to meet high standards in order to comply and these are set to increase further in the coming years.

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